Hostel Facilities

In order to facilitate the stay of the Students, an excellent Residential Accommodation is provided to both boys and girls in separate Hostel Blocks which are spacious and well furnished. The Hostel offers a comfortable living environment under the Supervision of Male Wardens for boys and Lady Wardens for girls. The security arrangements are monitored and a full time counselor caters to the needs of the Students. The Hostel Admission Form, Medical Form and other details are available In the School.

Articles to be brought for the stay in the Hostel

For Boys Only
For Girls Only

Casual Wear 6 Sets

White Canvas Shoe

Special Sports Shoe

Colour Socks

Formal Wear

Casual Wear 6 sets

Formal – Salwar, Midi Frocks, Gagra, Long Skirts and Loose Tops


Safety Pins, Headbands

Common for Boys and Girls

Toilet Kit Hand Kerchief Geometry Box
Tooth Brush Nail Cutter Pencils
Tooth Paste Ear Buds Sharpener
Comb / Brush Travel Bag / Suitcase Eraser
Wash Soap Slippers Plastic Scale
Bathing Soap / Shampoo Deodorant / Body Freshener/dettol Sketch Pen Set
Talcum Powder Stationary Items Bucket & Mug
Hair Oil Fountain Pen Blue Mattresses
Bath Towel Ball Pens Blue, Black & Red Bed Spreads (2)
Hand Towel Pencil Box Geometry Box