Parents of the hostel students must bring their ward(s) to the hostel one day prior to the re-opening date after terminal holidays & festival holidays.

Parents desiring to nominate local guardians, should submit to the school office an authorization letter nominating the local guardian with sign and photo affixed on the letter.

Parents / Guardians are permitted to visit their ward(s) only once in a month and are not permitted to bring any eatables.

Parents/Guardians are not permitted to visit their ward(s) during the school hours.

Parents / Guardians are requested to follow the instructions given in the Student / Parent Handbook and co-operate with the school for the betterment of their ward(s).

Visiting Hours

Parents can seek permission to meet or greet their ward(s) on important festival days or on Birthdays.

School authorities are responsible for the academic performance, all round development and other hostel related matters of the Children. Parents and guardians are requested not to disturb or visit their wards on any working day other than the stipulated days scheduled by the school.


Health & hygienic condition, medical treatment, study habits, diet Problems Reporting to Hostel after leave or vacation, permissions, etc.


Payment of Fee Accounting & Bill Particulars.Submission of Application & Certificates.


Academic and Administrative needs.Performance and Behavior of Students. Meeting with faculty.Difficulties in learning and understanding faced by student Long leave, Medical needs & permissions for their ward.Student’s stay in Campus.Response to class teacher’s Monthly Report/Progress Card.